Messenger that keeps your secrets

Y messenger is secured decentralized corporative messenger with end-to-end encryption for corporations and individuals.
True decentralization
Worldwide network build by companies and enthusiasts lets people use app everywhere with highest speed in lower price.
Every server in network follows network neutrality principle, that means they will transfer data if it is required, possible and will not modify it in any way.
about blockchain
Y messenger uses blockchain to store important data in the decentralized network. Read more about our blockchain in docs.
Privacy first
We use strong encryption in a server, in a clients and over transport protocol. User decides what information will be shown to different groups of other users.
Your data is encrypted and stored at your server. We do not have an access to your server and we cannot sell your data.
Do I need to buy a server to start use Y messenger?
It is not required, you can use one of public servers, provided by our users. But, if data privacy is your #1 priority — it is highly recommended to buy a server or VPS in cloud.
Do other users can use my server?
They will be able to use your server as an internal proxy, but you can block registering new users at your server.
Is Y messenger anonymous?
Users can be anonymous, but it depends on their server’s configuration. E.g. some countries have laws, restricting anonymous authorization and require verification using SMS. Server’s owner has to define, allow or deny anonymous user on his server.
Data protection is very important
In Y messenger you can send end-to-end encrypted messages and your companion will not be able to save / transfer your data. Even, he/she will not be able to make a screenshot if any protected data is shown on the screen.